World Suicide Prevention Day

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I hope everyone had an amazing day. I know my posts are always late because of my insane work schedule so be patient with me 🙂

I always have had a strong passion for mental illness and suicide awareness. So in honor and memory of everyone who has been affected by this, I want to share an essay that I wrote on the subject. I love you guys so much. Remember to stay. No one can play your part. I will see you tomorrow.

The “First” First Responder

My passion is definitely not the run of the mill hobby. Unlike singing, video games, or painting, what I enjoy doing the most wouldn’t be considered fun to the majority of people. In fact, the thought of doing what I do would be a terrifying nightmare to others. I am a 911 dispatcher who talks to dying, suicidal, and scared people on a daily basis. However, I would not trade my job for the world.   

One of the main reasons I am so passionate about what I do is because I am a humanitarian. Since I was little I have been viewed by others as the nurturer of whatever group I am a part of. Seeing people hurting mentally or physically tears me up inside. One can say the “sob story” commercials really get to me due to my tenderheartedness. I do not feel like I am working when I do my job because of this. I enjoy it too much, and I just happen to get paid for it. 

Another reason I care so much for people that are hurting is because I myself suffer with anxiety and depression. I completely understand how it feels to not even have the courage or motivation to open my eyes or leave my room. With that being said, I feel that the best people for this job are those who have experienced these problems personally. I have found a way to make the best out of a bad situation through this job. I enjoy practicing this hobby outside of work as well. I am currently working on starting a YouTube channel concerning conversations,

music, and ways to deal with depression and anxiety. I also want to be a traveling public speaker on the subject in the future.

After all of this, the biggest reason I consider this a hobby is because of all of the beautiful people that I get to meet and talk to. Everyone needs someone who is willing to listen without judgement. I have learned so much from talking to people from all walks of life. Everyone from a homeless military veteran to the girl in the Starbucks line who seems to have her life together has demons that are hard to deal with. I do not plan to ever give up what I do. There will always be a need for the person on the other end of an emergency call.  

           I know that what I do will never completely cure depression or stop suicide, but it will always be a battle worth fighting. This is a disease that effects so many people. I do not ever plan on retiring. When I am gone, I want to be remembered for who I was and what I have done. If I have only helped one person when it is all said and done, then it will still be worth it. My end goal is to give people a better understanding of what depression and anxiety truly is. It is so much more than just a feeling or a temporary coping mechanism.  I have every intention of doing this for the rest of my life. I would not trade this hobby for anything.

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Hurricane Harvey

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I hope that everyone is having a great day. If you are, that’s wonderful! If you aren’t, just know that it will get better and you are strong enough to get through this. With that being said, I would like to take some time to talk about the devastating hurricane that has hit Texas and surrounding areas. Please everyone in your thoughts and prayers as Texas deals with the worst flood in Texas history. This really hits home because I have a lot of family and friends that live there. Also, my favorite actors and their families are there as well.  With all of the pain and devastation, Texas has come together to help one another regardless of political, racial, or religious differences. Examples like this are the reason why I am still proud to call myself an American. People are traveling from all over the US to lend a helping hand to people who are powerless, homeless, and hopeless. I would like to leave a link where you can donate to support the victims of the hurricane. The fundraiser was started by The Family Business Brewing Co. and funds will go to Random Acts to help Texas. You have no idea how much of a blessing you are. Thanks.

Be Kind,




Hello, lovelies! My whole name is Hailey Margaret Rhea Owens. What a mouthful! I am 25 years young and quite the unusual individual. I am super excited because I have found my purpose early in life. I am here to spread joy, kindness, and love to everyone that I come in contact with. Humanity is such a beautiful thing. However, we are so cruel to ourselves and each other. We must be the change we want to see.

I am currently attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham for a Bachelors in TBD. Go Blazers!!! I have lived in Birmingham for a year now and I love it. I am originally from a teeny tiny town called Moulton, AL. Where the heck is that? Start at the Tennessee state line and look down. My Padre is from Athens, AL and my mom is from an even smaller town called Speake! I also have roots in the beautiful state of TEXAS. So I’m about as southern as you can get. A belle and a lady.

This site will be providing you with art projects, suicide and depression support, music discussions, recipes, books, video games, and pretty much anything else that pops in my mind. Have a blessed day, Walruses!